A highly professional, all-round service, even for partial loads

In big cities and small towns alike, Arcese's distribution services stand out as quick and reliable throughout Europe, thanks to an extensive network of directly controlled branches and solid partnerships with certified carriers, delivering a service that is always excellent, for small and large shipments, with no weight limits. We endeavour to meet the very high quality standards our customers demand, and this is why we continually develop new transport technologies and cutting-edge solutions for customers to reach their markets even quicker.

Discover the benefits of the LTL Arcese services!

  • Service 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including August and the Christmas period.
  • Qualified staff and a dedicated customer service, from the first contact made by our customers to delivery of their goods
  • Partnerships with certified carriers
  • Interface with customer IT systems possible
  • The utmost flexibility in deliveries with storage possibilities
  • Reliable C.O.D. service
  • Prompt notification in the case of uncollected goods or unforeseen circumstances

Additional services

  • My Arcese: Track&Trace service
  • Customised “All Risk” insurance, specially tailored to meet each customer's requirements


Punctuality and efficiency all over Europe

With an extensive network throughout Europe and property own fleet, including more than 500 tractor units and over 1800 semi-trailers, our road and rail services are effective, flexible and highly innovative. Each day, we are committed to studying and designing even better transport solutions to cater for our customers' bespoke needs. Thanks to our consolidated experience in nearly 50 years of business in the full load transport sector, we can guarantee an effective, rapid and reliable service which is always in line with the times. Our FTL Arcese service stands out for high standards of security, guaranteed by advanced control system and fleet management.

Discover the benefits of the FTL Arcese service!

  • A modern fully equipped fleet
  • Customer Service and a dedicated Operations Office
  • Transport planned with schedule time windows
  • Semi-trailers on stand-by located at pick-up/destination points to optimise loading/unloading times

Additional services

  • My Arcese: Tracke&trace service
  • Customised “All Risk” insurance, specially tailored to meet each customer's requirements


Long distances by rail, distribution and short stretches by road

The Arcese intermodal service is designed to offer our customers competitive and at the same time environmentally friendly transport solutions, intelligently combining the various modes: road, rail and sea.

Intermodal transport is characterised by high security standards and an integrated network in Europe able to offer quality services at competitive costs, with weekly departures to the main destinations in Europe.

Discover the benefits of the Arcese intermodal service:

  • Payload up to 28 tonnes
  • Punctual and therefore reliable transport
  • No traffic jams
  • No waiting to cross borders
  • Defined transit times, punctual deliveries
  • Eco-sustainability
  • Protection of the environment, reduction in diesel fuel consumption
  • Mileage minimisation
  • Reduction of impact of fuel cost variation on operating costs




Trace your shipment when you want. Discover My Arcese service!

We handle hundreds of thousands of shipments each day, every day: tracking goods' status at any moment is essential to guarantee a prompt, quality service. My Arcese Track & Trace service is an online platform for customers to track shipments in real time: the service is available on request; please contact your branch for information. After getting your access credentials, you can enter My Arcese section of the website and track your shipment, download transport documents and check the status of deliveries - all with a clear, user-friendly interface!

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A reliable, quick service, to reach any destination.

Market globalisation calls for even quicker, safer transport solutions: our quick, direct, air freight service is your best option for all your urgent or important shipments! Ventana Serra, a top IATA agent, operates effectively thanks to a global network and placements with leading airline companies: we have space booked from and to leading destinations worldwide, guaranteeing a thoroughly reliable service, at competitive costs. Our qualified staff is on hand to help customers at any time, with advanced IT systems that ensure information is transparent and goods can be traced at any time during the shipment.

Our air freight services include:

  • Standard services (door to door - airport to airport)
  • Express services (door to door - airport to airport)
  • Charter service
  • Special and over size transport


Global coverage, specific expertise

Ventana Serra has long-term experience in sea freight services: solid partnerships with leading sea carriers, a global network and a team of professionals all guarantee prompt, reliable shipments around the world! Each day, we handle import and export departures to and from main ports on all 5 continents. Thanks to an efficient pick-up service at our consolidation centres, we offer a range of flexible services, tailor made to cater for our customers' specific needs: from the type of container requested to the transport option. We guarantee goods' traceability, using a web-based Track&Trace system connected to our network of offices and agents.

Our sea freight services include:

  • FCL (Full Container Load)
  • LCL (Less Container Load)
  • Break Bulk/Over Size Cargo
  • Project cargo
  • RO-RO



A dedicated, reliable service for every type of shipment

To complete the range of services offered to its customers, Ventana Serra directly manages customs' activities, guaranteeing highly professional operations for all categories of goods and all kinds of shipments. A  dedicated company department deals with necessary documents and provides ongoing assistance, to considerably speed up operations. With national, bonded, tax and temporary storage warehouses - goods waiting for customs' clearance can be stored with a resident or international country status, according to the specific needs of each customer.

In May 2011, Ventana Serra was awarded an AEOF (AEO certificate – Customs simplifications/Security and safety) with recognition as an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), entitling it to benefits and concessions as regards customs' formalities.

Our services include:

  • Customs operations, warehousing, insurance, logistics
  • Consular visas, authentications/notarisations, ministerial licences
  • Sales and customs advisory services
  • Simplified procedure imports/exports
  • Transit
  • Storage
  • Drop off at and collection from VAT tax storage
  • Outward and inward processing procedure
  • Clearing licences, papers and other certificates
  • Managing concessions for periodic and deferred payments, on behalf of customers
  • Managing procedures connected with intra-EU trade


Trace your shipment when you want. Discover the My Arcese service!

We handle hundreds of thousands of shipments each day, every day: tracking goods' status at any moment is essential to guarantee a prompt, quality service. The My Arcese Track & Trace service is an online platform for customers to track shipments in real time: the service is available on request; please contact your branch for information. After getting your access credentials, you can enter the My Arcese section of the website and track your shipment, download relative transport documents and check the status of deliveries - all with a clear, user-friendly interface!

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Optimised warehouse flows, with maximum efficiency

The long-term, wide-ranging experience gained by Arcese in its inbound and outbound logistics services means we can optimise warehouse flows, to give customers even greater benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity.


  • Redesign and optimisation of inbound flows and flows to production lines
  • Operative management of the entire supply chain based on the customer's logistics models
  • Milk round management and optimisation
  • Collection centres management
  • Management of warehouses and logistic flows at production plants: from receipt to storage of components supplying production lines using the most appropriate techniques (JIT, JIS, Kan Ban)
  • Added value activities, such as kit preparation and sub-assembling


  • Management of warehouses and all logistics activities after production at plants (storage, packing, load management and transport scheduling)
  • Primary transport from points of origin to distribution warehouses
  • Central distribution warehouse management
  • Secondary transport
  • Reverse logistics
  • After-sales services (management of spare parts distribution warehouses, preparation of specific packaging, transport on dedicated or multi-customer networks, help desk and back office services)


A dedicated team to provide high-performance solutions

Expertise in logistics and a consolidated global presence make Arcese a reliable partner, ready to tackle the international challenges of globalisation and an increased market complexity. The Logistics Engineering department assists customers in designing the most appropriate supply chain for their business, providing updated and effective processes, software and management tools: a dedicated team of professionals is always on hand to help customers analyse any logistics and transport scenario! This department's core competency is the integral management of a one-off or ongoing service, and the development of tailor made projects catering for customers' needs.

Discover the work of the department:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design of logistics structures: from outdoor areas to the end warehouse
  • Continual process improvement based on Lean Six Sigma principles
  • Identification of innovative solutions
  • Change management




Discover how to make your online business a success

E-commerce is becoming an increasingly important market to develop the business of many companies: Arcese can help you to succeed with greater confidence in this sector, so you can offer your customers an easy and safe online shopping. Many companies have already chosen Arcese for managing their e-commerce shops, thanks to our partnership with leading companies in the design of e-commerce platforms and the best express couriers, we guarantee an excellent service: from on-line store implementation to storing goods, from orders preparation to dispatch and delivery to the final customer.

Discover our services for your e-commerce projects:

  • Inbound handling
  • Picking and packing
  • Carrier selection
  • Outbound handling
  • Updating stock availability
  • Order tracking
  • New stock orders
  • Updating displays based on availability
  • Managing returns and undelivered items
  • Managing cancelled orders and changes of address


  • Photo lab for photo shooting
  • Customer care service
  • Supply of plain and customised packaging



Efficiency and integration: from paper to bytes

Arcese has 18 document centres and data centres equipped with the latest technologies, to offer integrated Global Records Management services and handle the entire document life cycle: from delivery to storage, streamlining information search and use activities and company documents. Our specialist staff guarantees a quality service and professional approach, in line with our expertise in outsourced document management, based on a service model that is flexible and modular, interacting between conventional physical storage systems and new technologies.

The range includes added value activities from preliminary advice to digital signature services, feasibility studies and timestamps, to optimise company processes and create digital archives conforming to CNIPA standards.

Discover our document logistics solutions:

  • Archive advisory service
  • Physical archiving
  • Optical document management
  • Back office service
  • Postal, protocol and mail printing service outsourcing
  • Replacement storage


Reliability and competitivness

In the automotive sector, supply chain management is becoming increasingly complex and very time sensitive.
A reliable and competitive network responds quickly to the demands of the market. That's why Arcese is consistently selected as a partner by the leading companies in this sector.
Having implemented the most advanced information technology systems which help us plan, manage and control every aspect of our business, we can ensure visibility and integration along the entire logistical chain.

Our services include:

  • freight management - standard and express transports all over Europe
  • freight forwarding - airfreight and seafreight, custom clearance
  • contract logistics - inbound and outbound logistics in dedicated or multicustomer warehouses


Continuous innovation and full attention to transport safety

Arcese develops innovative solutions, which allow it to be always a step ahead in meeting the requirements of a complex market as the chemical industry. Once again, Arcese has proved to be a leading logistics operator that can ensure maximum safety.

Our ability to improve foresight every day helps us solve the issues that may arise in this type of transport even before they occur.





Careful management and handling

Globalization of the markets and internationalization of production bring new challenges for companies in the chemical and industrial sectors.
Thanks to the experience and skills developed in this field, Arcese has become the logistical partner for many large, medium and small industrial companies; companies who take advantage of our global approach, our integration ability, our security and our respect for the environment.

Services offered:

  • freight management - standard and express transports all over Europe
  • freight forwarding - airfreight and seafreight, custom clearance
  • contract logistics - inbound and outbound logistics in dedicated or multicustomer warehouses


Your needs at first place

In the consumer sector, Arcese offers a wide range of personalized solutions based on the customer's needs and the product's characteristics.
We manage virtually every type of product: food and drink, electrical appliances, furniture, personal and household products, etc. Managing the value chain in such a complex sector, characterized by a short product life, means improving process flow, reducing time to market, and lowering costs with a consequent increase in profit margins.

Our services include:

  • freight management - standard and express transports all over Europe
  • freight forwarding - airfreight and seafreight, custom clearance
  • contract logistics - inbound and outbound logistics in dedicated or multicustomer warehouses


A service in continual evolution

In fast-moving industries, such as the technology industry or the electronics industry, the ability to supply logistical services of high added value is the key factor to being competitive in global markets.
Accuracy, specialization and punctuality have been the hallmarks of Arcese's guaranteed service for many years. Our network and skills, developed over time and based on decades of experience, ensure high security standards throughout the entire logistical process.

We guarantee:

  • freight management - standard and express transports all over Europe
  • freight forwarding - airfreight and seafreight, custom clearance
  • contract logistics - inbound and outbound logistics in dedicated or multicustomer warehouses




We anticipate new trends

The seasonality and value of the product in the high fashion segment require sophisticated and highly personalized logistical and transport solutions. Arcese is proud to be a reliable and competitive partner working alongside the leading names in this industry. Timing and security characterise our service.

We guarantee:

  • freight management - standard and express transports all over Europe
  • freight forwarding - airfreight and seafreight, custom clearance
  • contract logistics - inbound and outbound logistics in dedicated or multicustomer warehouses

Arcese Group

Nowadays a rapidly evolving economic scenario calls for companies that know how to anticipate market developments

Arcese Group is always in the front line, ready to lever new opportunities offered by modern markets, with its integrated solutions that can meet the needs of large multinationals and small medium companies. Our three business divisions – Road Freight, Logistics Solutions, Air&Sea – perfectly combine the ability to innovate and care of our customers with years of multi-sector experience, adding ever increasing value to your businesse - to evolve and grow together.

Arcese Group

Road Freight

Road and rail transport as always been Arcese's core business

Our Road Freight division is served by one of the largest and most modern fleets in Europe and we are a well-established leader in the sector. Thanks to an extensive network of business partners and team of specialised, professional team, we can customise our services and meet the needs of all our customers, whether they require road or rail freight services: FTL, LTL and groupage. Our top-quality operations include a range of innovative services with high added value, that can meet any needs in terms of volumes, delivery times and transport complexity.

Road Freight

Air & Sea

If your business knows no boundaries, then our Air&Sea division is the partner of choice for your shipments!

Do you want to successfully reach markets around the globe? Ventana Serra, a company of Arcese Group,  is a leader in sea and air freight services, supporting your business with an operational and synergistic approach to international supply chain flows: years' of experience and specific technical expertise guarantee an excellent service, that is quick, reliable and flexible. Thanks to consolidated partnerships with leading sea and air carriers, we can handle any request, in terms of volumes and delivery times.

Air & Sea


Arcese is your partner for the strategic outsourcing of logistics, with integrated solutions to manage your supply chain!

Whatever business you're in, Arcese has an efficient organisation and extensive network of modern logistics bases, a dedicated project team and competent staff who are passionate about their work. The know-how developed in managing logistics services in main industries, combined with the experience of our team and state-of-the-art IT systems, means we can trace and predict changes in modern markets: we always and only guarantee the utmost quality through flexible, bespoke services that can add value to your business.


Arcese at F&L's General Meeting

Arcese will attend The European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum's (F&L) General Meeting to be held at the Barcelona World Trade Centre on November 26th and 27th, 2015.

The European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum's (F&L) is an international non-profit association which was established in 1994 to bring together shippers and transport providers keen to optimise the freight supply chain across Europe. With members representing 17 different European countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey and the UK) main objectives of F&L are: promote integration of various methods of freight transport, maximise the exploitation and evolution of multimodal freight transport systems, improve the quality of freight transport.

As an F&L member, Arcese will attend the annual General Meeting in Barcelona, it will be an important opportunity for meeting other members, intensifying relations, swapping experiences and best practices. F&L members attending the meeting will have the opportunity to discuss and debate all aspects of logistics and transport supply chain. Among the main topics of this year’s meeting: intermodality, European logistics in the 21st century and the new role of the Med.

Lorenzo Piccoli – Business Development Manager of the Arcese Group will attend the meeting “ It is always useful to listen to the contributors invited to the F&L Forum. A unique occasion to grasp state of the art ideas related to our challenging world and share opinions about logistics’ hot topics, together with all players involved: shippers, authorities, logistic service providers and experts.

Arcese bets on Liquefied Natural Gas

Arcese bets on Liquefied Natural Gas

Arcese Group’s is committed in promoting efficient and sustainable logistics. The company is testing the first LNG vehicles as an alternative to traditional fuels

Arcese has been an active part of Italy’s LNG network project since 2015. This also involves Iveco, major rail terminals, and natural gas producers and distributors. The goal is to analyse the performance of LNG-fuelled engines and assess the use of this type of vehicles in heavy haulage. In particular, in July and August, Arcese has started testing LNG performance in terms of consumption and savings, but also in terms of engine autonomy and reliability under load. LNG technology provides substantial benefits, and not just from an environmental point of view. Compared to traditional fuels, liquefied natural gas allows for greater savings, helps reduce NOx emissions (-35%), particulate (-95%), CO2 (-10%), and noise level by an average of 5 Decibels compared Diesel versions.

“We have completed the tests and, while we are waiting for the analysis of the collected data, we can confirm our interest in investing in LNG as an alternative to diesel. This would make our transport services even more sustainable” stated Arcese’s FTL Operations Vice President, Marco Manfredini. “We are currently implementing a series of activities and projects in research and technology innovation to ensure environmental and economic sustainability. Thanks to our Eco-Driving programme, all our drivers are regularly trained on safer and eco - driving. We have been committed to the European Marco Polo project since 2011, aiming at reducing – by intermodal transport – the congestion on road infrastructure and protect the environment by transferring freight to greener modes (rail and sea).

Arcese at the Digital Innovation workshop

Arcese features amongst the companies attending the meetings organised by the Politecnico of Milan on Digitalization of transportation processes

The results of the workshop organized by the Digital Innovation Observatory of the Politecnico of Milano’s School of Management on the digitalization of transportation processes, in which Arcese participated providing its own experience, are publicized in the whitepaper. The meetings involved carriers, transport business associations, technological provider and consumer sector companies with the purpose of comparing different experiences and demonstrating how digitalization can provide significant benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
Beginning in the knowledge that every company must invest in key digital innovation, the meetings highlighted issues and provided constructive tips on making the "cultural leap" necessary to actually fulfil the opportunities offered by digital innovation. In dispelling some "false myths" associated with the transmission and signing of the DDT (Transportation Document), it has been reaffirmed how the transport sector actually could, in reality, profit from digital innovation satisfying the requirements of the three subjects concerned: clients, supplier and logistics operator.

"It was a very interesting and constructive workshop, which we wanted to be part of because we firmly believe in digitalization as a tool of innovation and believe in offering our clients an ever more flexible, up-to-date service - explained Philip Potvin, Process & Projects – Participants shared concrete experiences and proposed options and ways to simplify the processes thanks to Digital Innovation"

Arcese's values materialized in the Code of Ethics

Arcese's values materialized in the Code of Ethics

Arcese Trasporti officially presents the values and rules of conduct by which all employees, consultants and contractors must be inspired and must refer to

Since its establishment, Arcese Group has been committed to operate following the laws and regulations in force in all countries in which it is present, to ensure compliance with ethical principles and practices of good conduct.

For this reason, Arcese has decided to adopt a “Code of Ethics” which is composed of a series of values ​​that have always inspired its way of doing business and that must be respected by all employees, partners and suppliers. Besides the general principles of transparency and fairness, the Arcese Code of Ethics also places in the foreground values ​​such as respect for people and the environment.

“The adoption of a Code of Ethics confirms the commitment made by the company over the years to behave in an ethical and proper manner. The document contains key points in which Arcese strongly believes since it is aware that every business decision appreciably affects the company’s relationship with the society in which it lives and works - said Federico Finzi, Director of Human Resources of Arcese Group – But not only that. The Code of Ethics helps to achieve two objectives: to strengthen the sense of responsibility among the recipients and contribute to affirming the image of an authoritative and responsible Group”.

Arcese Spain collaborates with Sterac Transport GmbH

Arcese España, SAU consolidates its leadership in Northern Germany (Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover) with its new partner Sterac Transport & Logistik GmbH

Arcese España, SAU and Sterac Transport & Logistik Gmbh, within the Road Division, have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of their activities between Northern Germany and Spain, effective from September 2015.

Sterac Transport & Logistik GmbH, with over 35 years of experience, is the undisputed leader in the German market, offering daily groupage services, LTL and FTL, to/from the Iberian Peninsula.

Thanks to this new cooperation, Arcese Group will offer customers 2-weekly departures from Barcelona, Madrid and Irun bound Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover, as well as daily departures from the three cities in northern Germany with destination Spain.


Arcese expands its intermodal network

Arcese’s intermodal network is growing. Weekly departures will now connect Italy, Sweden and Norway


As of September, Arcese expands its intermodal service launching new regular connections between Italy, Sweden and Norway. The new line is part of the intermodal (road-railway) service development strategy of Arcese Group. In particular, it meets the need to ensure increasingly frequent connections with Northern Europe. In fact, a growing number of customers is choosing intermodal services, as a reliable but also sustainable transport solution. Arcese has been developing for years intermodal transport across North-Western and Central Europe. Our consolidated European network and know-how in the management of intermodal flows ensure timely and flexible services, as well as competitive transit times.